How to make a small Flower

I just made a quick Tutorial, I hope you can get something inspirations from here!!! You can use any Fondant or Gum paste, it would be work well!!! Have fun!!!

Snow Dome Birthday Cake

Look at that!!! This is beyond Cute Birthday Cake by Takes The Cake They ordered to me Penguin Family Toppers!!! And I'm really impressed for this Snow Dome cake!!! Isn't it adorable???
I'm so happy to see this cake!!! Thank you Anna & Bob, you did great work!!!!!


Welcome to my Tea Parlor

Yay!!! I just got over 4000 Facebook likers!!! So I made a long movie, 
 it's my appreciation for everybody who likes my work!!! 
it takes 15 minutes.... (You can try to skip anytime) and I used same music...... 
It might be quite boring..... Anyway :) Enjoy~!!!

Created by mimicafe Union


Red Riding Hood Theme Cupcake Toppers

These Toppers are for a Red Riding Hood Theme Birthday Party!!! These were for Twins- a Boy & Girl - I made them a little bit Girly though, but I hope everybody like them!!! Well, I'm going to ship them tomorrow.... to Germany!!! Yay!!! I would like to visit there sometime myself... Anyway, Go for it Toppers; Make That Party Fantastic!!! Safe Trip!!!

Created by mimicafe Union